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Big news is coming your way, but try not to overreact when you hear it. Other people are going to be watching you for clues about how they should react, and if you amp up the hysteria, they’re sure to follow suit. So stay cool, calm, and collected no matter what the news is. Carry on as you normally would and roll with the punches that come along. It might be hard to hide what you really feel, so if you have to talk about your reaction, at least try to play it down.

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Somebody in your love life is just a little too demanding today. You need to let them know that isn’t really okay. The best thing to do is tell them straight up.

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Feeling like you got the raw end of a deal in a recent relationship negotiation? Fortunately, these things aren’t set in stone. Before you feel signed, sealed and delivered, talk it over with your partner.


You have to slam on the brakes. Things will come to halt through no fault of your own. Both your drive for success and your profits have run out of road, and you have no choice but to slow down.



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