Daily Forecast Aquarius 05-03


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Explore a more concrete way of thinking right now, and you’ll reach important answers. Find facts and figures that offer objective information today. Visual art, music, and your own dreams aren’t going to offer you the clarity you need to flesh things out and make them more understandable. In a school or professional context, this means that you should brainstorm less and research more. Right now, your mind is best suited for analysis and planning.

Singles Lovescope

Being single means never having to go along with anyone else’s obligations, and right now you probably don’t feel like doing much at all. Enjoy the downtime on your own.

Couple Lovescope

You can’t know every single thing about your partner, and they can’t know every detail about your life. That’s what makes things so exciting: all the discoveries you keep making about each other.


Retirement seems downright impossible, but it won’t be if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Perseverance is more valuable than gold right now. Stay disciplined.



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