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If you’re put on the spot today, try not to act out of character by doing something without thinking. It might seem as though racing ahead will get you where you want to go more quickly, but nothing could be further from the truth. You should stick with your usual approach and just observe for a while. Today, new things will unfold slowly like a blooming flower. Watch the transitions throughout the day and enjoy an unusual perspective.

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If you remember your dreams today, make sure to write them down and think them through. If not, daydream a little to see where your heart goes. There’s a message coming your way from down deep.

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If your partner wants to make big plans, beg off if possible. You’re not against planning, but now is just a bad time for you to think big. Promise to talk about it soon.


That final nudge you need to be sure you are placing the right bet just isn’t there. Your subliminal messages don’t say to not move forward, either; they just don’t say anything at all. The elusive guarantee you are waiting for can’t be chased down. You’ll have to be completely passive and wait for it to come to you.



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