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Your family obligations are at the center of your world right now, and they could be causing a conflict in your social life. Explain the situation to your friends honestly and completely — don’t leave out any details that you think aren’t important, because all the information is relevant. They have families too, and will understand why you are reorganizing your priorities. They might even offer to help you out and take some weight off your load.

Singles Lovescope

Be open to unusual types, and use your resourceful intelligence to find out more about a certain someone. Opposites are extra attractive now, and a few open-ended questions could end in sweet agreement and a hot date!

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This situation has real potential, but it’s going to take some time and patience for you two to develop it fully. Don’t lose heart if you’ve hit a snag or two. Just hang in there and be as patient as possible.


You’re facing challenges you never dreamed of. No, they’re not related to your career or your boss, but your ego. Family members or close friends have a way of bringing out strengths and weaknesses you never knew you had. Holding onto your wallet is but one of them.



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