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Your colleagues adore you, and it’s no wonder. You work extremely hard and don’t think twice about pitching in when someone else needs a hand. Your office practically feels like a second home and your coworkers like a second family. However, it’s still a good idea to remain wary if someone new keeps offering help when you least need it. They may not be as innocent as they seem, so play your cards close to your chest.

Singles Lovescope

Getting back together with an old sweetheart is very tempting. After all, you can slip back into the same comfortable routine – and the same not-so-comfortable problems. Think about this very carefully.

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Rally your sweetheart’s flagging spirits. Gathering a few like-minded supporters who can cheer from the sidelines as you carry out your plans wouldn’t hurt, either. You two have more support than you realize. Use it.


You never let personal issues cloud your thinking. You can separate good investments from bad based on their merits, not your personal preferences. But is that really the smart way to make money? Today you are asking yourself just that question.



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