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You’ve never been a fan of letting the sun set on angry words, or uncertain ones, for that matter. If you and a loved one have left things unresolved between you, don’t let that continue any longer. Lure them over to your place any way you can, maybe with the promise of one of your amazing home-cooked meals. Regardless, just don’t let them even think about leaving until you’ve cleared the air. There’s absolutely no substitute for honesty and you know it.

Singles Lovescope

Take some time today to explore your individuality and your connection with others. Do you have a tendency to lose yourself in relationships? If so, work on finding the balance.

Couple Lovescope

Some unknown motive on your partner’s part comes to light and puts a whole new spin on the present situation. What was completely unfathomable to you becomes wholly understandable.


You tend to strut your stuff more when you are stressed than when you are confident. Watch yourself for signs of your little insecurity dance. It could mean you need to put your time and attention onto a nagging little subject area, or it could just be your perennial money worries. Whatever the source, try not to subject others to it.



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