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Things is totally in black or white today. All the issues you’re looking at are clear and easy to figure out, without any confusing gray areas. This is one of those days when quick thinking is easy, and any argument you get involved in should be over as soon as you bring up your one killer point! This lack of nuance and complexity can enable you to cut through all the noise people are making. You should feel quite proud of yourself for helping people see the light so easily!

Singles Lovescope

Heart-to-heart chats are great today, whether it starts as a flirt with someone new and morphs into something deeper or you call up an old friend. The more you decide to share, the more you learn from them.

Couple Lovescope

You two have jumped over a big hurdle, and now your partnership is clicking along quite nicely. It’s tempting to be complacent, but use this momentum to lay the groundwork for the future instead.


Your motivations might be less than noble, but that doesn’t mean the outcome is. Things get complicated whenever money is involved. Don’t be bothered by petty doubts and self criticism.



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