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If you’ve been contemplating making a purchase, just keep on contemplating, especially if it’s a big-ticket item. Don’t rush out and make purchases right now. Whether it’s an upcoming blowout sale or an unexpected change in your needs, something is coming in the near future that could make you regret any purchases you make today. Socially, you’re starting to compare yourself to someone is who an apple to your orange. Stop trying to follow in someone else’s footsteps. Go your own way!

Singles Lovescope

Someone you’ve pegged as off limits suddenly becomes available for whatever reason. This serendipitous turn of events creates an interesting situation for you. Romantically speaking, you’re poised to take a risk. Assess your losses and proceed with caution.

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It’s easy for you to empathize with your loved one when they’re having a rough day since you’re so in tune with their feelings. Let them know you’re concerned about them and available if they need to talk.


You now know you can handle anything. Sudden changes won’t knock you off your feet, nor will the slow drip of water against a rock. That realization gives you a sense of freedom and independence that no amount of money can buy. Enjoy your discovery.



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