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The creativity you need to unleash today won’t come as quickly as you’d like. Instead of a gushing torrent of brilliant ideas, you’ll probably only get a trickle of half-baked ones. You can’t let this discourage you, though. To knock loose the block in your creativity pipeline, get outside and walk around. Fresh air will revive your gray matter, and the outside world will encourage you to think outside the box. Natural beauty is an effective way to jump-start any stalled day.

Singles Lovescope

You might wish that you could dream the love you want into being, but you know you have to pay your dues and slog through blind alleys now and then. You just need to be honest about what works for you.

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The key to solving a relationship dilemma is to get a fresh perspective and some new options. Confiding in a friend helps clarify the situation, and brainstorming about what to do is very productive now.


Today, getting into the grindstone feels somehow foreign to you, and that’s understandable. Unfortunately, your finances won’t let you ease your way in. You’ve got to take the plunge, and from there it’s sink or swim. But don’t worry, you’ll swim.



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