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You’ve been trying hard to compromise with someone close, but you’ve finally realized that you’ve spent more time on this one particular issue than you have on anything else that’s come up lately. Force yourself to give this one up to fate, and excuse yourself from responsibility. Act like you’re really done. Get up and get out there! You might not be the only one on the planet who’s just come to the same conclusion.

Singles Lovescope

You’re way too focused on details and outer characteristics. If you dig deeper, beyond age, clothes, or income, you’ll discover more similarities than differences. Toss judgment out the window to make it past the first impression.

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Of course you want to move ahead in your career. Being ambitious is a good thing. Just don’t let it come at the expense of your relationship. You need to balance both for a truly well-rounded life.


Having your finger on the pulse, being in tune with others — call it what you want, but you’ve got what it takes to dump the losers and invest in the winners today, as long as you trust your intuition.



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