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You could be dealing with some fragile egos today, which could end up being tiresome for you. But taking the extra time and effort to make these insecure people feel comfortable and important will be much easier than having to deal with their tantrums should their paranoia get the better of them. Everyone’s emotions can be fragile now and then, including yours. Try to remember that today.

Singles Lovescope

You’re on fire this morning, so send that flirtatious DM or issue that invitation to a certain someone. By this afternoon, you could be preoccupied by matters other than romantic ones, maybe financial.

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Do your dogmatic views on love keep you in the dark ages of dating? Follow your heart to a new age of enlightenment. Change your ways before you’re all alone in your beliefs.


Your thoughts are traveling around and around without any conclusion. Is this an exercise in futility or are you eventually going to be catapulted somewhere? As long as you’re not spending money while you’re at it, let yourself continue circling.



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