Daily Forecast Aquarius 05-20


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You’re sure to have more than your fair share of odd coincidences today. The universe is sending a positive dose of uncertain energy your way, and if you open yourself up to it you are sure to go on quite a ride. Try not to push back too hard on things that make you uncomfortable. If someone has to reschedule a meeting or a date, so what? You’ll just have more free time to attend to some errands you’ve been neglecting. Roll with the punches and go with the flow.

Singles Lovescope

Wherever you go, whatever you do, good energy surrounds you today. And that energy attracts others you to. If you go out tonight, be prepared to receive a lot of attention!

Couple Lovescope

If you’re thinking about doing something with your partner, think open-ended, random, and last minute. With the creative love energy you’ve got now, pinning yourselves down to a specific plan isn’t nearly as interesting as playing it by ear.


You’re starting to feel like one of the dinosaurs. Your accounts are starting to look like fossils, too. Admit that some things are just part of the past. Don’t make a big power struggle out of whether or not they should be. Simply accept it and move on.



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