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Today, you should use the killer combination of cold logic and warm smile to gain advantage over the competition. You can’t persuade someone to agree with you based on your charm alone. You need the facts to support you. Before you start any kind of negotiation, make sure you’ve got the evidence you need to support your position. Do your research and no one can disagree with your findings. As long as you stay confident and prepared, you will succeed.

Singles Lovescope

Someone who used to be against your ideas now thinks you’re a genius. Rather than giving them the brush-off, let old grudges dissolve and try to learn to work together. This unusual partnership could lead to something much more interesting!

Couple Lovescope

Take this opportunity to seek out what makes you excited about being part of a couple. Your intuitiveness is contagious, encouraging your partner to strive for relationship greatness.


It’s easy to find someone who wants to lead you, but finding someone who is adept at doing it is a lot harder than it seems. You’d be wasting both time and money if you followed the wrong person, so be judicious.



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