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Family ties can be comforting, but sometimes (like now), they can be a bit uncomfortable. If you’re having any difficulties with family members, separate yourself from the rest of the clan for now. You should take a little time to get a grip on what’s going on and figure out why you’re feeling the way you do. Once you get that nailed down, you’ll be able to get back with your relatives and have an effective conversation about what you’d like to change.

Singles Lovescope

Could that crush of yours have as big a personality, and maybe as big a heart, as you do? If so, expect some interesting new possibilities to emerge once you get past the initial friction.

Couple Lovescope

You may want to make a solid plan with your significant other, but the stars say more exploration would be very fruitful now. How about a brainstorming session? It could lead to some exciting options.


Life is discordant in a not-unpleasant way. It’s as if you’re hearing a new form of music. You’re less in tune with those around you than you might like but you can still get your point across.



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