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Don’t let any early morning crankiness ruin what looks like the perfect day. Have the argument or exchange the less than affectionate words. If you don’t, you’ll be irritable with everyone for days. Say what’s got to be said and get it off your chest. Then do something entirely different from what you had planned. Think of it as a distraction, and take someone who’s notoriously fun along for the ride.

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If an interaction seems to be somewhat one-sided, take it to another level. Listen to every bit of what they’re saying and then ask a smart question that builds on it. Can they take it even further?

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Who cares about what’s “for your own good”? You’re all about having fun when you can. If you remember to bat your eyes at your partner, anything goes.


The devil is in more than the details. The financial future is up in the air and the next best move is anyone’s guess. Remember that you can respect other people’s opinions without necessarily sharing them.



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