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Creating new things brings you an exceptional level of satisfaction right now, so get busy! You don’t have to literally build a structure, but you do need to use your mind and your hands together to create something uniquely you. Cooking, painting, knitting, writing, even car maintenance, these are all legitimately positive ways to spend your time today. By tonight, you’ll find a new level of joy in seeing what you can accomplish all on your own.

Singles Lovescope

You and a date are communicating at cross-purposes. You know what you want them to be, and you’re convinced they could become that if they tried. On the other hand, they feel you’re overly critical. Get on the same page.

Couple Lovescope

Stop playing it cool when all you really want is to deepen the connection between you and your partner. If you’re not sure how to make that happen, admit it. That’s the first step to getting there.


You’d love nothing more than to throw up your hands and say forget it, but family obligations won’t let you throw in the towel that easily. Count yourself luck, because the profits will soon follow.



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