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Some people may accept things at face value, but not you! You’re much too intellectually curious to buy into the latest craze, so don’t worry that you’re out of sync with others. If you just don’t get it, you probably aren’t missing a thing. Fads come and go, but your own interests are going to be staying the same for a while. Devote some time to your favorite hobby or sport today. It will remind you of what you’re good at and give you a nice boost of high energy and attitude.

Singles Lovescope

Expand your online action today. Join new communities that match your interests as much as possible. Dream up irreverent, funny, personal profiles. You should attract all kinds of hot prospects.

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Knowing everything about your partner would be a bit of a bore, no matter what you sometimes think. Heck, you can’t even know all of yourself. Be grateful that the two of you have such profound depths to explore.


You’re wearing your hopes and wishes on your sleeve for all to see, from friends right down to strangers. That’s fine, because an acquaintance may steer you in the right direction without you even having to ask.



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