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The fastest way to learn something new about yourself is by exploring something that is unknown to you. This could be something universally intimidating like skydiving, but it could also be something that’s harmless to many but still a big question mark for you. It can be a hard thing to accept the fact that you could try something and not succeed at it right away. Check your ego at the door and jump into learning something new about your capabilities.

Singles Lovescope

Indecisive about who to pursue next? Make a list of attributes you’re looking for. Be as precise as possible, and see what you can find on dating apps. You could find a match sooner than you think.

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You’re a little bit of terrific for your sweetie pie, whether you realize it or not. The problem is, you’ve been too focused on how to materially improve your life together. What about intangible things?


The right decision is elusive. That’s because there is no right decision. As long as you are doing what is morally right, the correct financial choice is your call. When you get tired of trying to decide, find someone knowledgeable to bounce ideas off of.



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