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Follow the most logical path of reasoning today, and don’t let anyone make you believe something that’s too good to be true, no matter how persuasive they may be! Your heart is tough to counter when you want things to be a certain way (even if they can’t be), but your brain has to be the one in charge right now. Facing reality now is a lot better than being disappointed later. One and one will always equal two, so stop wasting your time looking for new answers.

Singles Lovescope

You’re not in a relationship with this person. Then again, you’re not not in a relationship either. Everything’s topsy-turvy in this situation. Don’t be so hasty to define it. You lose a lot of possibilities that way.

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Love waits for no one, so you better start taking action now. Charm your partner like you did on your first date. Rediscover what caused that initial flurry of affection in your heart.


How you handle your frustration affects your future profitability. Consider it a form of karma or simply laying the groundwork. However you want to look at it, keep your behavior in check.



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