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You’ve never been shallow in any way, and you never promise anything you’re not prepared to deliver. Of course, that sets you apart from most of the world’s population, so if you’re forced to make plans with someone who strikes you as somewhat less than reliable, have a Plan B or Plan C ready to go just in case. You never know. It might turn out to be a lot better than your first idea.

Singles Lovescope

Any new connection has romantic potential right now, so be sure to reach out. That friend of a friend, new colleague, or the cutie you always see at the coffee shop could be the one, so do some social networking!

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In a relationship, everyone wears different hats. Sometimes you’re the good cop, sometimes the bad one. Right now you don’t feel like taking on any one particular role. You’re interested in seeing what develops.


Some things you have to force yourself to do, no matter how painful they are. Other things the universe insists on, no matter how much kicking and screaming you do. You get a bit of both today, unfortunately. The good news is you live to tell the tale and that includes bragging rights. Be proud of the financial responsibilities you’re able to juggle single-handedly.



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