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Make sure to retain some mercy today, especially if you’re dealing with someone who needs understanding. More importantly, don’t just say you’re ready to forgive and forget if that’s not true yet. There’s nothing wrong with being angry as long as you’re honest about it and considerate about expressing it. Pretending things are okay when they’re not just gets you in trouble in the long run!

Singles Lovescope

Your strong sense of self-worth means you don’t worry about losing your identity in a romantic relationship. Of course, you can still allow someone special into your life and let them influence you. Let yourself be open to new experiences!

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Dreams will remain fantasy unless you do something today to change their status. Tell your partner what you need to make them reality and wait for the sparks to fly. Offer to do the same.


Why probe into unknowable fields? The future is up in the air, so don’t let yourself get sick worrying about it. Focusing on the present will help both your checkbook and your health.



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