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It’s admirable that you want everyone you care about to be joyful, but you can’t take on all that responsibility! Keep in mind that you are not in charge of anyone else’s happiness. You are in charge of only your own (and your loved ones are in charge of theirs). Don’t accept any guilt that’s tossed your way. And if other people react emotionally, they’re probably trying to get you to do something you don’t really want to do. It may sound harsh, but you have to put yourself first today.

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There’s a fine line between honest and insensitive, and you may have just crossed it! Telling someone how you really feel is fine as long as you take their feelings into account. Turn the tables and think how you would react.

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Many arguments stem from misunderstandings about money matters. Today is the perfect moment to reevaluate why cash continues to come between you two. Contemplate fiscal facts over fiction.


Nothing is written in stone. Everything is changeable, especially at this early stage of the year. The details may seem too daunting to deal with, so for now, focus on broad goals.



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