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Someone you have a soft spot for is putting you to the test right now. You have a lot of patience, and they’re all too aware of it. It’s not that they’re taking advantage of you; it’s just that they’re not taking your deadline requests seriously enough. If they keep stalling for time, pressing them to hurry up could only trigger a power play, so be careful. You don’t want to make them think that they’re not meeting your expectations. Just keep waiting.

Singles Lovescope

Beauty and harmony are your forte, and someone could use your help with these areas right now. You’ll feel great about helping out, and your love karma will benefit too.

Couple Lovescope

Today might find you at a point where you have to make a decision that will affect many areas of your life. Although the choice is ultimately up to you, your partner can help you weigh your options.


Don’t let yourself get all paranoid about your money. If anyone has a hidden agenda, it’s you. All of your plotting and scheming is skewing the way you interpret the motivations of others. On the flip side, if you put in some old-fashioned hard work to get ahead, the entire world will look safe and welcoming to you.



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