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Whatever you’ve been contemplating is something you have to stop contemplating. Today, you should finally get out there and just do it! Your stalling tactics are wearing thin, and there’s no point in putting things off any longer. What are you afraid of? Rejection? Success? Be proactive today and see for yourself that whatever you’re afraid of really isn’t that frightening after all. Once you dive in, you’ll see how fun and easy it really is.

Singles Lovescope

It’s not that you’re always putting on a big show, far from it. It’s just that everyone who sees you feels so much better afterward. Who wouldn’t want someone like you in their life?

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Is your partner suggesting you make a move that could throw your carefully planned schedule off course? Big changes make you nervous, but this big change could actually be for the better. Take a chance.


With all the energy you have today, you may finish everything on your plate and start searching for more to do. It’s the perfect time to turn to something new — getting a new project off the ground or implementing an idea that has been left stewing.



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