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There could be quite a few new faces on the scene today, and you could surprise yourself by reacting a bit too critically to one of them. Try to be polite. Get your distance from this person if you worry you can’t be nice. They could be stirring up some weird feelings for you, feelings that you don’t understand and might not be able to get a handle on right away. But before you make them aware of their effect on you, talk to a friend or co-worker about your concerns.

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Your brainy energy shines at an all-time high now, so show it off to someone you want to impress. Let your wit and insight entertain those around you. Everyone wants to hear what you’ve got to say.

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Is it your head or heart calling the shots? Following your heart might feel right, but your brain could be sending conflicting messages. Go with the law of averages on this one. Or flip a coin.


Everyone has their own version of what you should do. Since other people’s money is involved, you have no choice but to listen. At least pretend to be flexible. What you do at the end of the day is ultimately up to you.



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