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Your resume has never included a fondness for being meticulous, discreet, or frugal. Those traits, sometimes even in others, bore you to tears. You’re known for being a bit too blunt at times, but you’re also honest and generous, which explains the cast of amazingly different characters you call your friends. Your mission now, and it won’t be easy, is to rein in any urge to go overboard in any department. Good luck.

Singles Lovescope

Take a step forward with a new romantic prospect. Your take-charge vigor – and a big dose of sensual energy – means the results are bound to be inspired. Don’t hesitate. It’s time to go for broke.

Couple Lovescope

It’s easy to spend a lot when you go out with your partner, but right now you’d be wise to keep an eye on your budget. Get together and brainstorm some ideas for low-cost dates.


Acting professional all week can be draining. You have personal issues to deal with today, and you should connect, as opposed to being aloof. If only making money felt as healthy.


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