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It’s wonderful that you’re concerned about the health and well-being of other people in your life, but isn’t it about time that you focused more on your own health and needs? There is only so much you can do to help other people, and right now you need to start doing things for yourself. Let others take care of themselves. It’s not selfish; it’s smart. What are you most unhappy about right now? Take tiny steps toward healing yourself and putting yourself first.

Singles Lovescope

Sharing is admirable in any friendship. Why not reveal some personal things from your life? Giving others a glimpse into your private world helps them see the whole you, not just the person you want them to see.

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Everything between you and your partner is going swimmingly, but there’s always a little room for improvement. The stars say that you have lots of energy right now, so spend a little of it on taking the initiative.


You didn’t write the motto ‘slow and steady wins the race’ but you might as well have. So when you start rushing ahead, you’re really acting out of character. You never promised to be predictable. It pays to keep others guessing.


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