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Your friends are the greatest gifts you’ve ever given yourself. You chose them to be in your life, and they’ve done so much to make you grateful you did. When was the last time you showed them how much you value them? Today, reach out and just let them know how much you appreciate them. Send some silly e-mail greetings, plan your next outing. Remember your good times together and let them know that you’ll never take them for granted.

Singles Lovescope

If there’s one thing that gets your goat right now, it’s sloppiness. When you make plans, they stay made. It might be best to explain this to someone beforehand just to avoid any messiness after the fact.

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You might be feeling playful, but try not to get too goofy around your partner. They may be more sensitive than usual, and you don’t want to end up in the doghouse.


You’ve sacrificed a lot to get ahead financially. Don’t waste time wondering why you did it. Just make good use of the lemons life has given you and offer a childish toast to your ancestors.


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