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Planned expenses are fine, but acting on impulse while shopping online or off isn’t advised right now. You’re going to need more money in the coming weeks, and it would be very wise for you to stay as cash rich as you possibly can. If you need to, get a friend to distract you and keep you from buying stuff you don’t really need. They can help you find a way to have fun for free.

Singles Lovescope

It takes all your energy to see through white lies and illusions. If you think someone is too good to be true, trust your instincts and look more deeply. It doesn’t hurt to be skeptical for now.

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You’re feeling the urge to spend more time working, but you’re going to need to balance that with your partner’s need to spend time with you. After a couple of days, things will be back to normal.


If you couldn’t find a friend in the world a year ago, the exact opposite is true now. You couldn’t keep people away from you if you tried. It’s a rebirth of your social life, as well as your spending. Enjoy both.


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