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The people you love could use a reminder of that fact. Try to show as much affection as you can for them today. Have confidence that your friendships are real and strong, because they are. You are in a very healthy phase in terms of communicating and connecting with others. Others are trying to distract you from your friends, but you know what’s important. Never forget that the people who are there for you now will always be there for you.

Singles Lovescope

Watch out for some conflict between responsibility and fun now. Yes, you’ll want to attend to your obligations, but be sure to block out some time for blowing off steam, too.

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You’re going to need to put on your thinking cap because there are some domestic issues that need your full attention. Even if you don’t live together, your partner will have plenty to say.


Be careful what you say, unless you can you afford to put your money where your mouth is. If not, don’t offer any ideas. You may just see them put into action.


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