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Now that you’ve reached a point in your life when you can sit back and relax for a little bit, be sure to do it with gusto! Just coast and experience things for a while. There’s no need to get involved in anyone’s drama or big new idea. Reserve your strength and plan a little getaway if you can. Solo travel is favored highly. It will enable you to do whatever you want, whenever you want. And what could be more relaxing than that?

Singles Lovescope

You’re feeling quite generous now. Go ahead and give that homeless person a few bucks or leave a giant tip at lunch. Remembering the kindness you’ve received gives you a new sense of gratitude that is visible and attractive.

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You’ll find the answer you’ve been looking for today when your sweetie offers their perspective. Their take on a situation will help you see it in a whole new way.


If you’re not up to your neck in debt, then consider yourself not only lucky but salvageable. You’re not wasting another moment licking your wounds or feeling sorry for yourself. Get started on the repair work instead.


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