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You’ve been planning that big dinner party in your head for ages now, but you realize today that you have all the necessary ingredients on hand. What more do you need than good friends, family and food? Call people up and tell them you’re throwing an impromptu get-together, and don’t take no for an answer. Once they see it’s low-key, easygoing socializing on the menu, they’re sure to turn up.

Singles Lovescope

A personal struggle smooths out just in time for you to turn your energy to other concerns. It’s a great time to think about your search for love. What do you really want from your love life? How can you get it?

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One of you — possibly both — is holding onto some old, deep-seated resentments. No, they’re not ‘too silly’ to discuss. If you’re not ready to address them together, then you need to work on them individually.


It’s not easy to stick to your routine, but don’t let being emotional keep you from following it. It’s the most effective way to raise a few dollars, as unexciting as that may seem.


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