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Getting a friend to join you on your latest plan might be difficult, but it will be worth the effort it takes. They make things more fun! Even though they might need to be convinced, when it comes to what to do next, their presence is important to you. Don’t give up until they eventually say yes. You’re ready to be more spontaneous, and they should try it, too. Appeal to their imagination. Paint a picture of the best-case scenario. That might sway them over to your side.

Singles Lovescope

You usually want to be in charge, making plans and setting rules. This often leads to power struggles, so when it comes to love, let your partner lead sometimes, and enjoy the novelty of just letting go.

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Avoid getting caught up in a power struggle with your partner today. If you’re sure you’re right, fine, but don’t argue just for the sake of winning. There are better ways to spend your time together.


If you haven’t learned how to make a good dinner on a budget, today’s the day. Whether you’re cutting coupons or shopping the sale aisle, your goal is to be the world’s newest frugal gourmet.


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