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Start exploring the places, people, and things that are foreign to you, from food to music to politics. What other countries have to offer will suddenly be fascinating to you. Things have settled down a bit in your life, so you need something to stimulate your mind and get you thinking about new things. Perusing some travel websites or a few minutes spent listening to another country’s music will do just that. You’re open-minded and eager for something different.

Singles Lovescope

Sometimes it feels like everyone has an opinion about your love life and needs to tell you all about it whether you want to listen or not. Use a blank look or a change of subject to make your escape.

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Right now is a perfect time to make some long-term plans. Sit down with your partner to talk about what you’d like to do together in the future. You’ll be pleased by how well your goals match.


You want to do the right thing, but it will take more than a spine to stick to your guns today. You’ll need a good dose of good fortune thrown in for good measure. Lucky you, things may fall apart before you commit too heavily, if at all. Consider yourself spared.


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