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Take a look at your closet today and count how many things are in there that you never wear. Chances are, no matter how high the number is, every single one of those forgotten items was an impulse buy — wasn’t it? Today, remember those neglected outfits when you see something you think you must have. Think about all the money you could have now if you had just resisted that compulsion. Don’t spend money on something you don’t need.

Singles Lovescope

Acting possessive of your pals could leave you friendless in the long run. While everyone likes to feel appreciated, no one enjoys being treated like a pet on a short leash. Give your buddies the freedom to do what they want with whoever they want.

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Suddenly, your partner’s behavior isn’t so confusing after all. Don’t you just love that instant clarity? Now that you’ve clued into this dimension of their personality, don’t use it against them.


Decency is one of life’s necessities, at least if you want to be genuinely happy, that is. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You may be asked to trade yours for money. Remember, there’s no such thing as selling just a tiny bit of it. When it comes to your integrity, it’s all or nothing.


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