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You’re a born investigator, with equal elements of detective and researcher. Those qualities come into play every time you meet someone new, but they really start to pay off when you consider adding someone to that small and precious list of people you call friends. Someone new fascinates you so much now that you’re actually considering opening the ranks for them. Take your time, get to know them carefully, and don’t make any offers until you’re sure.

Singles Lovescope

It’s okay to put your responsibilities aside while you chase your dreams for a little while. Foreign places call to you now. If traveling isn’t an option, learn all you can about a culture you love.

Couple Lovescope

Your partner adores you, in part thanks to your unique take on the world and your place in it, and they’re seeing that quite clearly now. You may need to try a little adjustment tonight, though.


You could lose your wallet simply walking down the street. Don’t let paranoia get the better of you but do be cautious. So if you suddenly feel like you’re swimming with sharks, don’t sign.


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