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Being indecisive today will be both a blessing and a curse. The good part will be that your mind will start ranging in unusual directions, generating unique ideas. The bad part will be when you discover that you’re not quite sure how to proceed with any of them. No worries. Once you think up the brilliant ideas, you can just let them germinate in your brain for a while. Mull them over. They’ll sprout and grow some more on their own when they’re ready.

Singles Lovescope

The timing is right, so send a few flirty messages, hit that singles night and put all your skills to work getting some fresh romantic business started. If you seek, you’re likely to find!

Couple Lovescope

Your patience is needed today when things get a little crazy. Plan on unwinding with your partner tonight. Forget about making dinner. Takeout and some snuggling are the perfect way to end your day.


Your routine is not easy but it’s not impossible, either. Force yourself to go from Point A to Point B, and the rest will fall into place. Stick to your schedule to get the maximum bang for your buck today.


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