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The universe is giving you a power surge today, which could cause some problems. While this isn’t necessarily something to be worried about, you should definitely be careful not to step on anyone’s toes. Politics demand that you treat the leader like the leader, even if you think you could do a better job. Someone could be feeling a bit paranoid, so don’t feed into it by being too aggressive with your ideas right away. Suggest them slowly and subtly.

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You might feel wary about your current situation. You might even wonder if a major change is long overdue. Don’t make a drastic decision. It’s smarter to wait. A solution could be on the way.

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You’re inclined to look out for your partner today. If you’ve experienced any difficulties, you’ll be willing to talk things over and compromise. This is an opportunity to inspire a fresh start in an ongoing partnership.


You might be all befuddled over some things, but when it comes to money, your thoughts are crystal clear: You’re not spending any. If that makes the people around you moody or irritable, then so be it. Not even being called cheap can make you reach for your wallet.


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