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Minutiae and details are appealing to you now. This is a great day to focus on the little things in your life, the kinds of things that tend to go unnoticed or you tend to push off your daily to-do list because they aren’t terribly urgent or extremely rewarding. Take some time today to deal with lower-priority tasks. Getting a lot of little things done will give you a big sense of accomplishment.

Singles Lovescope

Sometimes the timing isn’t right, although it’s killing you to admit it. Stop trying to make things work out when the situation is clearly not geared for that. If this new relationship is meant to be, it will be.

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Family is a big concern at this time, and no wonder — it takes a lot of effort to blend in your social networks. Just keep in mind that a certain period of adjustment is inevitable before everything smoothes out.


Paying attention to the small details pays off as they reveal a valuable secret. But that just gets the ball in motion. You have plenty of information to collect before you do any real planning, but once the cat’s out of the bag, you can consider yourself on your way.


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