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If you see that a friend is about to make a misstep, don’t intervene. Just let them do it. First of all, you could be wrong in thinking what they’re doing is a mistake. Second, you shouldn’t inflict your opinions on other people who are trying to learn. If they’re going to learn, they have to make a few mistakes and have a few accidents once in a while. It’s all trial and error. So step away from the controls and just mind your own business. They’ll be fine.

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If you’re torn between going out and getting crazy and staying home and doing nothing, the answer is something in between. Go mellow but public, like playing a game with friends at a coffee shop.

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You may be a little resistant to a new idea your partner’s got, but listen respectfully and ask some considered, detailed questions. Once you talk it through, it may actually sound worth a try.


Your new strategy involves nothing more than a sugar rush, but keep that little secret to yourself. You’ll only bore others, at best. At worst, you’ll lose the respect you’ve worked so hard to gain.


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