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You’re feeling generous today, and you should spend your resources accordingly. Give freely of your time to friends who want to share their hopes and desires with you. Give liberally of your money if there’s a cause you feel is important for the future. Give all of your opinions during a meeting or discussion so that everyone in the room knows where you stand. You will get back way more than you give, maybe not today, but very soon. Karmic payback isn’t always instant, but it is always thrilling.

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Getting caught up in appearances (especially someone else’s appearance) can be a dangerous game. Just because the surface is shiny and well taken care of doesn’t mean there’s a whole lot of substance under it.

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You’ll be able to sweet-talk your partner into almost anything, as long as you stick to nice tactics and avoid resorting to anything underhanded. Charm is all it takes, and you’ve got plenty.


You’ve not been particularly sensitive or caring when it comes to the financial circumstances of others, and you’ve not thought particularly deeply about how your own spending affects those around you, either. Do both before it’s too late. You’d hate to learn by having the shoe on the other foot.


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