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You should push your not-so hidden agenda a little bit more forcefully than you normally would today. A little extra effort will take you a long way right now. This is a prime day for you, and you are poised to get exactly what you want as long as you show the universe that you want it. Visualize your life on this improved level and soon your vision could come true. Put in the extra hours and effort that may be required. It will all be worth it.

Singles Lovescope

Home, or wherever you find your family and friends, is likely where your heart is right now, with love simmering on the back burner. Show your love to the world as a whole and watch as that love is returned.

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Dedicate yourself to pleasure in all its forms. Trade back rubs with your partner, drink champagne for the heck of it, and feed each other chocolates. If it feels good, do it!


Nothing important hangs on the day and that’s just the way you like it for a change. Do your best to enjoy yourself and you will have had a successful day. You can save all the gravitas of work and financial issues for some time down the line.


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