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When you see a chance to get ahead in life today (and you can bet you will), you have to take it. No matter how inconvenient it is. No matter how stuffed your schedule already is. No matter how tired you are. Save the conservative thinking for another time. Right now, you’re meant to be proactive and aggressive. You simply must go out and get what you want, because it certainly isn’t going to come and get you.

Singles Lovescope

It’s a good day to communicate feelings, so don’t hold back. This might be the only time you feel comfortable enough to reveal what you truly think about someone special. Let your heart do the talking.

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You, conservative? You might surprise your partner with an old-fashioned take on a new situation. You can’t be the radical rebel all the time, and if you’re reluctant, there’s a reason behind it.


Give yourself extra time to think things through. Even a screaming deal is not what it seems. In fact, there’s almost no way to see the big picture, because it’s still forming.


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