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It’s all nice and dandy to mull things over and get all into your own thoughts. After all, that’s how you develop them into brilliant ideas! But today it’s much more important to put your new ideas to work. Take them out of the abstract and bring them into the real world. It’s time for a trial run. That new approach you wanted to try with your latest crush? Give it a whirl today. It just might work! If not, you’ll get valuable clues you can use to tweak it.

Singles Lovescope

Your kindness is appreciated more than you know. Do a friend a favor today. You’ll be glad you lent a helping hand. After everything is said and done, walk away graciously without accepting anything in return.

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Even if you two just had an intense discussion the other day, don’t worry about working too hard on that stuff now. You’re feeling great and can easily share that mood with your partner.


Conversation can make or break your day, depending on how you express yourself. Tread carefully, especially with someone known to be hypersensitive. Act like you’re walking on eggshells when money is the topic.



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