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Take time for yourself by putting your life on hold. Walk around the park, stare at the sky and otherwise refresh your senses with the parts of life that really matter. Sunlight and open space are vital for you now. The peace can help you ponder everything that’s going on in your life. Once you feel centered, you’re better able to take on the challenges that come later.

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You’re in a big rush to get everything done today. Work deadlines loom, relationship possibilities go unfulfilled, and you don’t seem to have time for yourself. Take a few minutes to reassess why it all seems to be slipping away.

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Okay, you’re crazy about them. Shout it out! Really! Humiliate yourself a little in the name of love today. They’ll be flattered, and you’ll feel great doing it. Go ahead and be outrageous.


Your way of communicating your financial wishes is more sophisticated than running signals out the window on the laundry line, but not by much. It’s a classic illustration of the old phrase, the more things change the more they stay the same. There’s really no point in trying to modernize, though, because it’s working for you.



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