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Scientists always perform their experiments in controlled environments, and you should do the same today. Whatever your theories, they deserve to be explored in a realistic and honest way. Test a recent hypothesis without letting anyone else in on your plan. Your expectations could influence their actions and skew your results. Right now, you need everyone to be as real as they can be. This isn’t a good time to encourage anyone to stir up trouble.

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If your old exercise routine has turned stale, try something new and unique. It’s a great way to stay in shape, engage your creative faculties, and meet new and intriguing people!.

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You’re running at the mouth. What gives? Just enjoy it. You’re making your partner laugh uncontrollably. When you pay attention to what you’ve been saying, you’ll make yourself chuckle while you’re at it.


Making it through this tight time is one of life’s little contests. You’ll pass with flying colors if you don’t let yourself get burned by the friction. Think of finance as a sport, and don’t lose your temper.



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