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Your family or social group has a lot to teach you right now, so spend more time with them! Even if you’re itching to have some alone time, this isn’t the best moment for that. You should be around as many of your favorite people as possible. Their energy will not only invigorate you, it could also inspire you. Don’t go solo to parties. Grab a date, any date, and hit the scene as a team. You’re already a great partner, but it’s always good to get in some more practice.

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You’re so balanced you put the lady with the blindfold and the scales to shame! At the same time, you’re so cute! Where’s the justice in that? Don’t ask. Just enjoy it.

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Don’t be afraid to make a sudden change of plans. If the movie doesn’t wow you, watch something else. If cooking dinner doesn’t thrill you, order take-out. Feel it out until you find the right thing.


If you aren’t reacting to bad news, you won’t react to good news, either. Let yourself experience the ups and downs of your finances with as much ferocity as the circumstances call for. You’ll feel much better than if you continue sweeping your feelings under the rug. Think of it as emotional housecleaning.



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