Daily Forecast Aries 05-19


Aries Daily Forecast

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Some really weird energy is blowing your way and bringing with it the possibility of unusual outbursts and big, crazy ideas. Someone close rubs you the wrong way or does something completely unexpected, but try not to get worked up when you can instead show off your ability to adapt. Let the situation unfold and just see where it’s heading. Something very positive may result.

Singles Lovescope

Revel in your hedonistic side by searching out the sensual nature you’ve been suppressing for way too long. No need to run naked through the streets, but now’s the time to shed your shy exterior.

Couple Lovescope

Remember the goofy joys of climbing a tree, having a tea party for your imaginary friends, or just loafing around for hours? If the answer is no, then you and your partner need to re-experience one of those joys!


Be careful in business. It’s hard to be ready for all possibilities, but you do have to have a contingency plan up your sleeve. Prepare one now, because once you’re dealing with others, it will be too late.



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