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Playing hide-and-seek when you were a kid was lots of fun, but right now it might just confuse things more than you’d like. If there’s something on your mind, spit it out. Yes, speaking your piece can be tough and a little scary, but honest communication can’t happen between you and a certain party until one of you starts talking. Expecting someone to read your mind just isn’t fair, so speak up before it’s too late.

Singles Lovescope

The best dates happen close to home. Why go out to some trendy restaurant if you’re just not feeling it? Stick around your pad, play a board game, and share embarrassing old photos. You’ll really get to know each other.

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Don’t let outside pressure to make things happen a certain way get you down. Choose a schedule that works for you and your partner, and you’ll both be happier. There’s no reason to rush through your life.


If it helps to think of your situation as a power struggle, then by all means indulge the illusion, as long as you know on some level it’s more of a glorified mud wrestling match. You don’t have to acknowledge the reality to anyone but yourself and your accountant.



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