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You might spend the morning accepting things as they are. Then you could spend your lunch hour imagining things as you would like them to be. Then, for a finale to your day, you might spend time in late afternoon and early evening making things the way you want them to be. It’s going to take a lot of work, but when you start to see the first few results of your efforts, you’ll know it was worth every drop of energy.

Singles Lovescope

Leave them wanting more! A quick conversation with some interesting implications is so much better than getting into specifics or heavy stuff now. Let them know you like them, then let them come to you.

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You may find yourself looking for distractions today. A work situation is taking up a lot of your energy, and not in a good way. Step out for a few, and give your honey a call. Hearing their voice will make everything seem okay again.


Things aren’t as bad as they seem, but then again, your projections of dire finances are motivating you to action, so why change them? As long as you don’t let yourself indulge too deeply in the doom and gloom, use the angst to your benefit.



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